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About me

 I work in private practice. I also worked in an NHS Psychotherapy Service for several years. I am a Jungian Analytical Psychotherapist. I am a member of the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy (WMIP). I am also a registered member of the British Psychoanalytic Council. One does not need to present with clinical symptoms to seek therapy. Some concerns that ail us as human beings are: depression, bereavement, physical pain, anxiety, social adjustment, psychosis, feelings of lostness, emotional instability or borderline personality issues, addictions ( alcohol, eating disorders, sexual, etc.), emotional numbness, self-harm, sexual abuse, hunger for spiritual growth, dealing with transitions ( migration, trauma, adolescence, job change, relationship change etc).

Why come into therapy

What ails us is individual and unique to one’s interaction with the environment. I   provide an analytical commentary or curiosity on the issues that you bring to therapy so that you can develop a deeper knowing of yourself. This means that you will understand more about your relationships(family, friends, sexual, work etc.) and your role in them. We could explore dreams or imagery. I also provide a commentary on our relationship as this enables us to look at your patterns of relating in the immediacy of our encounter and hope to gain a deeper awareness. This is about making meaning together.

I also offer therapy or supervision to training or qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers or others in the helping professions.

Therapy length, frequency

 I offer in-depth exploratory psychotherapy on a short or long term basis depending on your circumstances and the particular issues you bring to psychotherapy.  We would both decide a time that is convenient for your therapy sessions. I offer therapy at a minimum frequency of once a week. This is the minimum frequency at which a therapeutic gain can be achieved. Depending on issues you bring to therapy I may recommend that you come more frequently.

I would offer you an initial consultation for an hour and a quarter . This would be to think about your journey so far and to see if we can embark on your analysis. You may decide in this session that I am not the therapist for you. If we both decide to go ahead with the therapy we would then agree a convenient time for regular therapy sessions.      


My fee is  £70 per hour. The therapeutic hour is 50 minutes.

You can contact me by:

Phone: 07432 33 7614

Email: warwickpsychotherapy@gmail.com

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Where. I practice in Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6DT


Leamington Spa, CV31

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